Specialized coating processes uniquely ours

Our long-standing success is based on a commitment to the continuing development of new coatings, processes, and technologies to produce improved products that fit the needs of a broad range of current and future applications. Maeda-kougyou has implemented four separate systems to accommodate the varied and often rigorous demands placed on thin film coatings. This complete toolbox gives us the ability to provide unique solutions, higher performance, increased volume, and more durability in our coating . Maeda-kougyou innovate the unique spraying system for fabrication of Miracle Titanium MVX .Our special technique ,we can coating multi layer with thickness 1-2 microns .Our technique philosophy
To fabricate uniform thin film layer with highest quality by
1- controlling the film thickness
2- Simple process at room temperature
3- Decrease the coring liquid losses
4- Coating large surface area in short time

Function Results Method Test association
Performance of Miracle titanium with intensity of light
Thickness and Hardness of the coating over the surfaces


Film thickness


0.7-1.0 µm

3H-4H hardness


Draying time

1 – 2 Hours


After draying the film not soluble in hot or cold water

Film Hardness


Pencil strength



Ceramic technology center Saga prefecture








Hiroshima industrial technology center


Surface Electrical resistivity test The film showing no reaction with the substrate

And there is no conductivity 

Surface resist rate Hiroshima industrial technology center


Flammability The surface after coating showing no change JIS L109 top coat Hiroshima industrial technology center


Film Adhesion over the surface 10 points JIS  A5400 – 8.5.2 Hiroshima industrial technology center
Acid  resistance No particular change Paint test JIS K5600
Alkali resistance No particular change
Salt water-based resistance No particular change
Hot water resistance No particular change
Weather resistance No abnormality was observed after1000 hours 5-7 years The weather ability Test JIS B7753
Light Exposure No change The Acer disk head peel test the JIS K5600 Saga ceramic research center